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Dogwood Advisors is an advisory firm providing cannabis licensing and compliance services. (While the new website is being developed, all materials will link to this page.) Our name is inspired, in part, by the official Missouri state tree, Cornus florida L., the flowering dogwood.

Medical Marijuana Licensing

The Dogwood team of writers works with you to gather detailed information and materials, identify gaps in your application package, and then write, review and submit your application. When outside expertise is required, we use our extensive network of contacts in Missouri’s cannabis industry to help you find the right person. Dogwood Advisors can then fill the vital and time consuming role of liaison.

With extensive grant writing, program evaluation and legal experience, Denise B. McCracken, founder of D.B. McCracken Law and Dogwood Advisors, possesses the rigorous research and writing skills necessary to help potential license holders as they prepare and submit their applications. 


Our longer-term mission is to provide superior compliance services to Missouri’s medical marijuana license owners. From SOPs and on-site compliance assessments to legal representation when DHSS enforcement cites regulatory variances, Dogwood Advisors will adapt to provide the compliance-based services that Missouri’s new cannabis industry needs.

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Let us know why you’re contacting us and we’ll respond as soon as possible. While we welcome the opportunity to speak with you, contacting Dogwood Advisors does not create an attorney-client relationship. Thank you.

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